April 28, 2013

Game changer

Nase rozhodnuti nekdy dokazi nadelat peknou paseku. Jedno takove jsem udelala i ja! Jsem v poslednim rocniku navazujiciho magisterskeho studia na vysoke skole a za celou dobu jsem si nikdy nepretahovala predmety mezi rocnikama az do lonska, kdy jsem kvuli brzkemu odletu vzdala jeden predmet s tim, ze si ho dodelam v druhaku. Bohuzel jsem ho na 2 pokusy nedodelala... A tak s hotovou diplomovou praci cekam na rozhodnuti kdy me pusti ke statnim zaverecnym zkouskam. Blbe co? Posledni tyden se snazim prijit na to jak dal a toto rozhodnuti je v mnohem velky skrt pres rozpocet pro me. Nicmene kvuli jedne zkousce se vzdat titulu pred jmenem je nemyslitelne, takze bojuji za tuto prioritu.

Ted vas muzou napadnout moje viza a co s nima udelam... No tyden se s tydnem sesel a vcera jsem obdrzela vyjadreni kanadske ambasady o schvaleni me zadosti. JUPI!!! (jo jasam :-) Trvalo to presne 27 dni v mem pripade - od podani zadosti do prichodu potvrzujiciho emailu o schvaleni. Ted jeste musi dojit pas domu. Mezitim cekam na formular DS-2019, ktery mi umozni ziskat J1 vizum do USA na prazdniny. Takze v tomto ohledu jsem to stihla, i kdyz to vypadalo dosti na odrene usi. Otazkou zustava jak se nakonec tento rok vyvine!

Our decisions can sometimes be a huge game changers. I did one like that! I'm in the last year of getting master's degree in university and for a time I never overtighten subjects between two school years until last year, when I was due to an early departure. I gave up this subject with the fact that I can finish it this year. Unfortunately, I didn't after 2 attempts ... So my diploma thesis is finished and I'm awaiting the decision when my university allows me to attend the state final examinations. Pretty bad, huh? The whole week was I trying to figure out my next steps and this subject is truly a huge game changer for me. However, to give up my degree because of one exam is unthinkable. Therefore I'm fighting for this priority.

Now you can ask how about my visa and what will I do with them ... Week passed since my last post. I received confirmation from Canadian embassy with an approval of my request. Yippee!! (yeah I'm still happy :-) It took exactly 27 days in my case - from applying for the visa until receiving the confirmation e-mail with approval. Now my passport has to arrive at my doorstep with an additional sticker. Meanwhile, I'm waiting on a Form DS-2019 which will allow me to obtain J1 visa to the USA for the summer. So in that case I made ​​it, though it seemed rather unbelievable to obtain both visas in time. Can't wait how this year will develop!

The view from Guaymas Restaurant in Tiburon, CA - Angel's Island on the left/ San Francisco on the right
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